Declutter Lab? Let's declutter!

To Declutter means "to remove unnecessary items and to organize and prioritize (one’s commitments, material possessions)" etc. Together with my clients we make their house a healthy and happy Home again.

Decluttering is not about discarding everything you have. It is about making choices. I always say: you Biscard your things: they will go now and make someone else happy. So, for a second time!

Declutter Lab supports you in the process of making difficult choices.

Barbro Gulikers
Professional organizer

Photo by Tijmen Ballieux Fotografia

Our four types of help

  • clearing your clutter and organizing your home with an easy-to-maintain approach
  • your mail and administration
  • a well-arranged calendar with realistic plannings
  • taking good care of your house and keeping it clean, and especially 'yours'.

When to think of us

  • you feel restless or uneasy at home
  • you spend a lot of time looking for your things
  • you preferably don't open your (e-)mail (fear of/knowing what it is about)
  • your time schedule drives you mad or you have the feeling you are constantly overtaken by events
  • you question how other people find the time to clean their house

I also would like to support you with the declutter work which needs to be done at specific life events like:

  • inheritance of household and personal goods
  • separation/divorce
  • (family member) moving to a nursery home (for the elderly)
  • start living together
  • birth of (first) child
  • child moving out